IT Projects

Active Projects

  • Owl2Java – A owl2java wrapper that generates a Java API for a given ontology and hence allows the native access to an ontology using Plain Old Java Objects
  • XsdImport – A plugin for TopbraidComposer that convert XSD schemas to OWL.
  • QDL – A set of scripts for downloading end-of-day data for stocks, funds etc.
  • pd-admin – HowTos for the managment system pdadmin (pd-admin)
  • DxfWidget – A viewer for dxf / dwg files for QT / pyQT

Plone Projects

  • Plone – MzProduct – A plone product for the managment and publication of software products
  • Plone – MzRedPlanet – A stylish yet clean skin for Plone 2.5.x. Based on the RedPlanet theme from WordPress.

Also, see my small personal FAQ. Mostly used to document some tutorials published on

Deprecated Plone Projects

  • Plone – Skins – Various skins for plone. Check them out!
  • Plone – MzSimpleBlogPortlet – An additional portlet that shows all SimpleBlog entries of the site. Works but unsupported!


  • ubuntu EdgyEft – Notes about the installatin of Ubuntu EdgyEft on the Dell Latitude D505
  • ubuntu on the laptop – Some notes about the installation of ubuntu linux on a Dell Inspiron 510m

Deprecated Projects

Deprecetated software. I do not support this software any longer. Check out the project pages or description below for details about the current state.

  • BibMgr – A multi-user capable, versatile literature and collection managment application in QT. Non-working alpha version!
  • ZodbAnalyzer – A tool to analyze and browse an existing ZODB database file. Works but unsupported!
  • linux (fedora) on the laptop – How to install fedora on a laptop (Dell Inspiron 510m). Deprecated: From 2004 and probably no longer valid 🙂
  • bookcase – Extensions for the versatile collection manager bookcase / tellico. Deprecated: Bookcase has come a long(!) way!