Installation of open-Xchange on RHEL 3

Summary of the installtion of Open-Xchange 0.8 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL3).


This document is not a complete HowTo or installation manual but only describes the issues I had while installing OX on RHEL 3.

Mainly, for the installation I used the following manuals:

What I did was that I followed the steps from the excellent Gentoo manual. For redhat specific steps the redhat 9 manual was used.

Note: There is no smtp and imap server installed on the machine; these installation steps were skipped.

Base Software

Most of the software required for OX can be fetched from one or the other of the RHEL-3-extra channels.

Additional software:

  • Perl: All perl modules I fetched via CPAN – perl -MCPAN -e shell and then e.g. install Net::SSLeay)
  • Javamail: Download from here and copy mail.jar from the archive to /usr/share/java/javamail.jar

Configuration of Base Software

  • Postgres: Follow the instructions in the Redhat9 tutorial
  • Apache for Tomcat: Use the Redhat9 instructions

Ldap: I used the slapd.conf from Redhat9 tutorial and added:

   *include /<ox_install_dir/etc/acl_ox.conf

to the end of the file. The acl_ox.conf defines access rights for variuous components. Currently, I use a reduced config file copied from some suse tutorial.


  access to dn.base="" by * read
  access to dn.base="cn=Subschema" by * read

  # userPassword
  access to attr=userPassword
      by self =w
      by anonymous auth
      by * none

  # AddressBook
  access to   dn.subtree="o=AddressBook,ou=OxObjects,dc=ox-server,dc=de"
      by   group.exact="cn=AddressAdmins,o=AddressBook,ou=OxObjects,dc=ox-server,dc=de"   write
     by users read
     by * none

  # default rule allowing users full access to their own   entries
  access to *
    by self write
    by users read

OX installation

Configuration was done using the following command:

  ./configure --prefix=/opt/openxchange \
        --enable-webdav \
        --with-mailjar=/usr/share/java/javamail/javamail.jar \
        --with-jdomjar=/usr/share/java/jdom.jar \
        --with-xercesjar=/usr/share/java/xerces-j2.jar \
        --with-jsdkjar=/usr/share/java/servletapi5.jar \
        --with-jdbcjar=/usr/share/java/rh-postgresql3.jar \
        --with-dbname=ox_db \
        --with-dbuser=ox_user \
        --with-dbpass=MYPASS \
        --with-dbhost=localhost \
        --with-tomcatuser=tomcat \
        --with-runuid=tomcat \
        --with-rungid=tomcat \
        --with-htdocsdir=/var/www/html \
        --with-cgibindir=/var/www/cgi-bin \
        --with-domain=MYDOMAIN \
        --with-organization="MYORGA" \
        --with-basedn="dc=MYDOMAIN,dc=de" \

Install the software via make && make install. If you get errors about missing write permissions change the ownership of ox_install_dir/var and subdirectories to tomcat

Finalizing installation

Basically everything important is described in teh Gentoo manual. What I had to do was::

ln -s /usr/bin/java /bin/java

Because of the missing ispell in RHEL 3 I had to disable spellchecking for the webmail component. What I did was:

  cd /ox_install_dir/etc/webmail
  mv spellcheck.cfg spellcheck.cfg.orig
  touch spellcheck.cfg