Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 510m

Some notes about my installation of Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron laptop.


After two years of Fedora on my laptop an upgrade of Core 1, see my installation report, to the newest version didn’t work properly. So, it was time for a new installation.

This time, I choose Ubuntu. Why? Well, apt-get is the best package managment I know. And the live cd of Ubuntu was the only distribution that worked properly on my Dell Inspiron 510m.

So, how did it work out? Important things first: Compared to my last installation Linux has come a long way !! After the installation almost everything worked as one would expect it.

There is also a detailed list about the hardware installed available!

Issues and Solutions

The following list gives an overview over issues I encountered. Solutions are presented.


The following sites offer a huge collection of installation reports for linux on a laptop. For me they were invaluable.


  • 2005-08-10: Added bluetooth and modem sections
  • 2005-08-08: Installation report published