On this server access to webmail, domain managment or database managment can be done via the corresponding web interfaces. For every subdomain some subdomains are preconfigured per default. Here information about the subdomains is given.


As default for every domain webmail can be accessed via the subdomain This subdomain forwards all traffic to the secure access at “”https://secure.incunabulumde.

Please note that for individual domains the subdomains must not (!) be defined because this would lead to a faulty configuration file for the web server.

Furthermore for managment purposes the following subdomains of are configured:

  • The local bugzilla installation used for project tracking and bug managment.
  • Access to the system monitor“. (Forwared to monit’s own webserver at
  • For secure access using https.
  • The web interface to the subverison repository. (forwarded to

For security reasons the former subdomains ispman, phpmyadmin and mail are available at the secure https server