Cannondale T 800

The bike I use for touring is a heavily modified Cannondale T 800.

The modifications are:

  • Because I do prefer the european touring style with straight handelbars the complete handlebars, brake levers, gear shifters were changed to straight handlebars
  • Schwalbe Marathon XR tires – simply, because of very good experiences in the past (not a single flat in 5 years)
  • Different gearing suitable for fully loading touring (imho the original gearing is not suitable for this). The gearing I use is 22 / 38 / 52 front and 11 – 32 rear.
  • A RockShox Ruby Metro suspension fork (the stiff fork was damaged in a crash)
  • Magura HS 33 brakes
  • For comfort, a Brooks Swift saddle
  • Tubus rear and front racks. The front rack is a tubus swing that is mounted not on the moving parts of the suspension fork but on the crown of the fork. Never want to miss it again.