QDL aka QuoteDownloader is a set of python scripts for the automatic download of end-of-day quotes for stocks, mutual funds etc. Here, this script is used to generate histories via automatic cron jobs that are then imported into my quicken installation periodically.


Confiugre QDL via Config.py. To retrieve a single quote execute QDL-Client.py with appropriate options and the symbol to retrieve as argument. Currently two different backend drivers, namely kmm, a python port of the KMyMoney2 solution, and pfq, via the perl finance :: quote module, are available. The result is printed on the command line. For configuration see the outformat option in Config.py.


  • To the KMyMoney2 team for the solution to retrieve quotes from arbitrary websites via regular expressions.
    * To the finance::quote team and the gnucash team for their tools and the financequote.pl wrapper.


  • 0.1: Initial release of QDL. (2008-02-04 – download )
  • 0.2: In this version a batch mode was added to QDL. This allows the automatic download of multiple quotes defined in a configuration file. Also, some bugfixes, code cleanups and documentation were done. (2008-02-05 – download )
  • 0.3: Added a mail out function. With this script the current quote list can be mailed to a list of recipients via a cronjob. So, get your data right into your inbox! (2008-02-09 )
  • 0.3.1: Bugfix releases with some minor changes (2008-02-11 – download )
  • 0.3.2: Added exception handling for batch download QDL-Batch (2008-03-27 – download )
  • 0.4: A bugfix relase with another driver for boerse-online.de (2008-07-19 – download )
  • 0.4.1: Yet another minor bugfix release with some updates or the KMM drivers. The perl drivers are still included yet unsupported. Personally, the “bo” driver is the only one I use. (2010-10-29 – download )
  • 0.5.0: As we moved the webpage retrieval to wget, see the Config.py option, this is a slightly larger update. Also, the sources avaiable changed to onvista (ISIN), xetra (ISIN) and vwdsym (symbol). The “bo” driver is no longer supported. (2011-09-09 – download)