Simscan – Per Domain Settings

Worksheet with notes for “per domain/user settings” for simscan

This is work in progress!

  • Simscan is called via /etc/tcp.smtp
  • Simscan is configured in /var/qmail/simscan/simcontrol. Rules are generated from config file via simscanmk
  • Simscan Guide. Contains information about a per user, per domain and per user setting via simcontrol file.


  • Spam + Virus can be enabled by adding the corresponding lines in the simcontrol file + regenerating the simcontrol.cdb rule file. If not defined, domain defaults or global defaults are used. An interface is needed for this.
  • More detailed spamassassin settings could be stored in a mysql table. This would require more work. Don’t know yet how to do this!
  • Mailfiltering is done via Procmail. A webinterface for managing procmail mailfitler files is needed.
    • ServerSideFilter from Squirrelmail with patched filtercmd?
    • Own Perl Module as pdAdmin addon?