Some custom skins developed for this website.


Once you start playing around with plone the standard layout might not completely be what you want. So … some customization is needed.

Plone offers a multitude of options to change your look and feel of the page whether this may be css, templates, dtml …. For a good introduction into the customization options check out the excellent article Plone 2 Custumization


A stylish yet clean skin based on the RedPlanet skin from wordpress. Tested and developed for Plone 2.5.x. For more information see the product page.


My first attempt …. 🙂 Basically, all the changes are css changes. Some minor personalization of the footer and colophon templates are also visible.

Make shure the portal tabs are deactived. This theme is not suitable for the tabs. Once you start to understand the power of css it is amazing how much you can make with it!

mzSimple Skin

The current version is 0.3. (see also: 0.2, 0.1)


The MzMinimalistic skins are two no-nonsense skins with differnent placement of the logo. MzMinimalistic is the skin currently deployed at

The current versions are: mzMinimalistic 0.1; mzMinimalistic2 0.2

Update 02/2006:: New versions for plone 2.1: mzMinimalistic 0.3, mzMinimalistic2 0.3,