As database system mysql is installed on the dedicated server. Unfortunately ispman does not manage databased and db user accounts so that this has to be done manually or via the configuration web interface phpmyadmin. This page gives a short overview over the naming conventions used.

As mentioned above the administration of mysql is done manually. Therefore an administrator has to create user databases and create useraccounts. Please follow the following guide lines:

  • Please use usernames not longer than 16 charaters derived from the domain name. I. e. for the username domain_com is choosen. For use e. g. somevery_org or someverylongname.
  • There are no length restrictions for the database names. I would suggest the following naming convention: domain_tld_subdomain_task. I. e. for the domain and a database used for typo3 the database name is domain_com_www_typo3.
  • The user is granted SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, ALTER permission for the databases the user own. (and only them!).

Database administration can either be done via command line or please use the phpmyadmin interface