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Plone 4 – Issues & Migration to 4.1

Some issues encountered while testing Plone 4

  1. Visual editing with TinyMCE: Inserting a thumbnail of an image while automatically adding a link to the image (full size or just /view) needs two or three manual steps. This could be changed – possibly – in ploneimage.js
  2. TinyMCE: Adding an object statement manually via the html code will also add some showave/flash statement which I do not want if I create an embedded slideshow.
  3. The batchi size used for the thumbnail view is not configurable via site properties, see these bugs: #8115, #11201
  4. prettyPhoto, see: this bug report (rejected), this bug report (solved)


  1. Content Rules are great! Really.

Note: If Plone Captchas is expected to be used with Plone Comments, for proper behavior you have to install Plone Captchas first, and then Plone Comments.

General Upate Procedure

  • Update builout via “your python”/
  • Change extends line in buildout.cfg to new version
  • Run buildout
  • Fix any errors
  • Enjoy

Update to Plone 4.1 – Notes

  • Needs removal of quintagroup captcha
  • Which means that the comment has to go to and collective.recaptcha and begs the questions about comment migration
  • Shouts about missing ssl module in my /opt/Plone4/../python2.6
    therefore needs to be reistalled via the install script?

Ebay und die Sicherheit (II)

Laut Autoresponder von ebay werden mittels PGP signierte Mails als verschlüsselt eingestuft und abgelehnt.
-> Warum? Signierte Mails sind nicht verschlüsselt

Zur Steigerung der Sicherheit sind nicht-signierte Mails zu senden.
-> Warum? PGP-Signierung im Zusammenhang mit public keyservern steigert die Sicherheit, dass keine Fälschung der Absenderadresse vorliegt.

mfg, Zimmermann