Packlist (Cycling)

What should I pack? Where are all these things supposed to go? May be this list can help!

Well, the first time you head out for a multi-day self-supported cycling trip packing can become a real nightmare. At least, thats what happened to me on the night before my first longer trip.

Over time, with experience and some help from the Bicycle Touring List I came up with the following pack list. Of course, slight variations are necessary for each trip to take trip length, weather conditions and so on into account. But overall, whether in Iceland or in 30°C weather, the only things that I change are the ammount of clothing packed in.

Panniers, Bags and Other

In my case, going alone and fully self supported, I like the classic setup for cycling. This means, 2 panniers on the rear rack, 2 panniers on the front low rider and a handlebar bag for valuables, food or the traveling guide.

Personally, I made very good experiences with the stuff from Ortlieb. Absolutley waterproof, nearly unbreakable, a dead simple yet perfectly working meachnism to mount the pack onto the rack or handlebar…. There might be some discussion about watertight vs. airtight panniers complaining about the missing ventialation to be found. Anyway, thats what I use and what I am happy with:

  • 2 x Ortlieb backroller classic
  • 2 x Ortlieb frontroller classic
  • Ortlieb handlebar bag ultimate 2

In the panniers food is packed in watertight tatonka bags; stuff sacks are used to store clothing. The camera is stored on top of the rack in a waterproof Ortlieb bag.

What to pack Where

Now, that you know the places to put things in…. What is necessary for such trip?

Front Left

  • a pair of lightweight hicking boots
  • my “around the tent” clothes, i. e. fleece trousers, thick socks, t-shirt and a small blanket / towel.

Front Right

  • sleeping bag: yeti pound – 550 gram and warm down to 0 degrees C.
  • sleeping pad: thermarest ultra light full length – how about a bit of comfort?
  • tarp – Integral design siltarp
  • spare tube
  • 15 meter of climbing rope w/ 4 mm diameter – clothline, guideline for the tent or whatever else

Rear Left

  • Clothing – this really depends on weather conditions, personal preference and ….
  • some spare food
  • repair and first aid kit

Rear Right

  • camping stove and related (in a stuff sack) – msr whisperlite stove, some trangia pots, cutlery, spices…
  • food