This machine is managed using ispman from Ispman is a domain managment and configuration programm offering a web based interface. On this page information about the configuration and (may be more important) customization done is given.


  • 2004/07/26 – opt/ispman/lib/http.lib: Changed code in line 418 to work with analogreporting. Statistics can be accessed at The correct alias for the statistics by analog is set with:
       $vhostHash->{$domain}{$vh}{'statalias'} =
          "Alias /stats-analog /ispman/domain/analog/$vhostHash->{$domain}{$vh}{'servername'}";
  • 2004/07/27 – upgrade to ispman 1.2. This included an upgrade of the ldap database which was done with the script
  • 2004/07/29 – /opt/ispman/templates/vhosts.conf.template: Changed line 25-27 to add awstats support. The statistics produced by awstats are accessed at This is done with the following statement:
        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteRule /stats-aw /awstats-cgi-bin/ [R]
        Alias /stats-files /usr/share/awstats
        ScriptAlias /awstats-cgi-bin /usr/lib/cgi-bin
  • 2004/08/31 – /opt/ispman/templates/vhosts.conf.template: Added line 31 to add webalizer support. These statistics can are available at
        Alias /stats-webalizer /ispman/domain/webalizer/<perl>$servername</perl>