Blackburn? Never again!

In North America Blackburn is a well known manufacturer of high quality bike parts. But thanks, I’ll pass. Why? Read on.

In 2000 I bought my current bike, a highly modified Cannondale T 800. Because of the name Blackburn has in North America I choose the most robust, most expensive model available – the Blackburn Expedition II. Also, I bought a small pump to take on my trips. For both Blackburn promoted a lifetime waranty.

As of 2003, none of these parts is working anymore. After about two years of rare use the seals of the pump were defunct. One of the welds of the rack broke summer 2003 on a touring trip through Ireland. The reason? Fatigue, as you can see on the pictures below. Sad for a product costing more than 70 bucks.

Blackburn - Broken Weld

Lifetime warranty? Because the rack was bought in North America the distributor for Europe pointed me to the manufacturer in the US; blackburn said to ask the distributor. The result: No warranty!

Blackburn - Broken Weld

Well, the conclusion for me is to go for another high quality manufacturer located in Europe, tubus. At least, these people offer products of a quality that surpasses the one of Blackburn. And they are able to spell the words service and waranty!