XsdImport – Convert XSD schemas to OWL

XsdImport is a plugin for TopbraidComposer to convert XSD Schemas to OWL. Classes and Properties are created based on the XSD construct found in an XSD schema. Support for Semantic XML, custom namespaces and namespace prefix mapping as well as a flexible system for handling imports are implemented.

Derived from the xsd import functionality provided by Topbraid Composer XsdImport is an Eclipse plugin that converts Xsd Schemas to OWL.

Core features

  • 1:1 mapping from XSD schema files to ontologies
  • Xsd constructs ComplexType, SimpleType, Attribute and AttributeGroup are handled. Anonymous and named declarations are supported.
  • Support for includes and imports statements including circular imports
  • Prefixes are reused in the ontology

Please note, that restrictions are not fully implemented.


From the Tobraid perspective, the XsdImport plugin is called as Import wizard from the Navigator Pane and is available in the Topbraid Composer group as Xml Schema to Owl. The plugin’s wizard starts with an options page as follows:

Options Page

In the first group of options prefix and namespace handling can be configured. If Set all namespaces to a common URI base is checked all generated ontologies have a namespace as follows


If not, the namespace defined in the XSD schema is used. The generator options available should be self explanatory.

FileSelection Page

On The next page select all XSD schemas by using the Select File and Select URL buttons. Any imported or included XSD schemas not selected by the user are shown in the lower text box.

Mapping Page

On the “Xsd Mapping” page the generated namespaces, the prefixs and the OWL file name can be adjusted. This allows for further configuration of the results.

Finish starts the generation process. All ontologies are created in the current workspace project. Please don’t forget to refresh this project.


To install, download and copy the plugin-jar to the plugins folder of your eclipse installation and restart eclipse.


Version 1.0 – Initial release. Should be fully working yet not completely tested. Please send bugs, feedback and comments to tbc@incunabulum.de

Updated versions can be found on my eclipse update site: http://mz.incunabulum.de/eclipse. The source is available in my public svn repository svn://incunabulum.de/projects.