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Quills 1.5 and comments

Rather a personal note…

With qPloneComments installed in Quills 0.9 comments worked out of the box even for anonymous users. With the upgrade to Quills 1.5 aka trunk I had to find out that this is no longer the case.

Here, comments must be enabled for the WeblogEntry portal type. Unfortunately, this is not (not yet?) possible via the plone preference panel. Insterad, go to your site instance in the ZMI and then to the portal_types tool. Select the content type for which you want to enable comments and change the option enable discussion as needed.

That’s it 🙂

Quills update and some info about

Over the weekend I took another start to migrate the previous Quills 0.9.1 installation to the current Quills trunk aka 1.5. Sucessfully 🙂 Also, after the introduction of the new skin, the change to the current Quills and the development of some additional portlets the site seems to be as I like it. So, for those interested, a short list about the products I use is given.

Quills Upgrade

The quills upgrade to the current trunk (version 1.5.0.a3-dev10) went quite smoothly. The only issue is a missing import in the migration skript, see this issue in the bug tracker.

Products on the website

Next to the default products installed on a plone instance the followíng products give the functionality I need:

Plone product updates

New versions of my plone products MzProduct, MzAuxPortlets, MzRedPlanet are online.

For the MzRedPlanet skin still some fixes were necessary. Edit-mode, portlet layout and thumbnail preview now work properly. For the new version 0.3.2 see the product page

MzProduct also has a new release that fixes the missing css file registration on portal_css. Now, with version 0.4.2 Mzproduct is comaptible with Plone 2.5.x

Comments are now enabled (and moderated)

With the installation of Plone Comments now finally comments to the blog and selected pages of the website are enabled also for anonymous users.

Comments are moderated, i. e. I have to accept them before they show up online. This action is necessary because of comment spam. Otherwise, legal issues as well as readibility might suffer from tons of advertisement and other spam. This I do not want to see here 🙂

MzRedPlanet – a Plone skin

Based on the Redplanet skin for wordpress this skin is used here on

The skin presents a clean yet stylish 2 column layout sporting an unclusterd yet pleasing look. The minimum screen resolution for this theme is 1024×768.


For more information see the product page.

Plone Upgrade and new Weblog

With the old Plone 2.1.x getting quite outdated an upgrade to the new Plone 2.5 version was iminent. While working on the site an upgrade to a new blogging software was also done.

Well, the plone upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.5.2 went pretty smoothly. After backing up the complete site Python 2.4 and Zope 2.9.6 were installed from scratch. A new instance was created via mkzopeinstance and the old data.fs file as well as the products directory copied to this new installation.

But no "plone" folder anymore!

The only problem I encountered was that one folder named plone was no longer accessible. This stems from the changed internals of Plone 2.5. Here plone is a reserved view denoting a special view used from within Five. After some experiments I was able to change the name of the folder in an interactive session started by zopectl debug. Thats what I did:

# get the required privileges
admin = app.acl_users.getUserById(‘admin’)
admin = admin.__of__(app.acl_users)
from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager
newSecurityManager(None, admin)

# create a dummy request
from Testing.makerequest import makerequest

# do the renaming
obj = app.<some.path>.plone
obj.aq_parent.manage_renameObject(o.getId(), ‘plone2’)

Quills as Blogging Solution

Also, since the old simpleblog based blogging solution is not compatible with Plone 2.5.x (and with Plone 2.1.x only through the ZMI) I played around with qSimpleBlog and Quills as products. With qSimpleBlog throwing errors about access to blogGlobals and other variables or templates left and right, Quills seems to be the way to go.