XsdImport and Owl2Java Plugins for Topbraid Composer

Topbraid Composer is a versatile, eclipse based tool to develop OWL ontologies. With the initial public relase of XsdImport and Owl2Java two additional plugins for Topbraid Composer are available for download.

From XSD to OWL…

XsdImport is a plugin for TopbraidComposer to convert XSD Schemas to OWL. Classes and Properties are created based on the XSD construct found in an XSD schema. Support for Semantic XML, custom namespaces and namespace prefix mapping as well as a flexible system for handling imports are implemented.

… and on to java or db4o

Owl2Java is a code generator to work with OWL ontologies from java. Ontologies are accessed natively via java classes, methods and attributes. A native interface for the object orierented database db4o with support for transparent persistence can be generated from the internal meta model. Where possible, the implementation adheres to the OWL DL standard and also offers some support for constructs that normally require a reasoner. F