ReminderFox – A pretty nifty tool for Thunderbird

Today, email is quite an essential means of communication. Asynchronous communication. So, quite often, if I send an email where I expect to get a reply sooner or later. Depending on the issue at hand, later might be tomorrow. Or it might be in four weeks time.

If you consider such timescales, tracking all your requests for feedback can be cumbersome. Personally, I either try to remember everything, doctor around with manually created notes in some calendar for the very important stuff or work with plain text files. All in all, not very user-friendly and not very safe.

Enter ReminderFox.

ReminderFox is a nifty extension to Thunderbird which just adds the capability to add a reminder or to-do note to any mail in any of your accounts. So, instead of all these crutches mentioned above, you assign a date and some explanatory text to a mail. And – voila – you get reminded.

That’s something I like.