Owl2Java Status Update

Yes, Owl2Java, my java-based code generator for the comfortable access to OWL ontologies from java is no longer maintained by me. As I am now working in a totally different field of application and due to some very limited spare time, I am just and simply not able to do any maintenance.

Nevertheless, from time to time it is quite interesting to see, what other are doing wiht this public piece of code, see e.g. my previous post.

And today?

Well, things are calming down which is not surprising for a software that is unmaintained for so long. Yet, there are some activities up to 2012 in the repositories here and there and I even got some references in the odd paper like e.g.

And yes, my work even got referenced in a book, namely the proceddings from Semantic Web Rules.

But I guess thats about it. Dead is dead. Farewell.