Eagle Commands

Some handy commands for the PCB layout software Eagle from cadsoft.de that are not readily available via the menu buttons… you may see this as a personal reminder that these commands exist :-9

Ever wondered how to draw the name of a network or a bus next to the wire of a schema? Label is your friend. Select the <label> command, select the wire and place the text.

Some ICs are shipped with hidden power pins, something I never do in my own libraries. Here the eagle naming convention holds true that all pins of equal name are connected. To bad if you are using a different power pin naming scheme. With invoke these previously hidden power pins are shown in the schema.

Btw – objects with identical names are connected E. g. just draw short wires for SCL and SCK and name them accordingly. Then, wherever you need I2C just hook up two short wires with the sames names. Eagle will assume these wires are connected, voila! Quite handy to cleanup a convoluted and chaotic schema.